The Motivation to Begin

This is how we got started on our journey to a healthy lifestyle and living it every day.

This is what we looked like in December 2014.

AJ Before Compisite 2 USE This One

This is what we look like now.


It has taken time, work and a lot of patience, but we made our weight goals.

Now, we are working just as hard to stay here.

It’s our Motivation 2 Maintain.

Janice has lost 30 pounds over the course of our new lifestyle and I have lost 140. But, we are not resting on what we have done, like we are finished. We’ve been here before. Losing weight and putting it back on.

This time it’s different. Like I mentioned earlier, a healthy weight is not just a goal to achieve but a lifestyle to live out every day.

It’s the reason for this blog. We’re trying out new recipes and trying new tips to nurture this healthier lifestyle and we’re sharing our experience to help others and help us stay on track.


There are distractions all along the way and there are reasons to stop short, but if you keep your focus, you can get where you’re going.


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Author: motivation2maintain

We have been on a journey to lose weight over the last two years. We have met our weight goals, but this is not a final destination. The journey continues to keep the weight off and live a healthy lifestyle. This is all about our Motivation 2 Maintain

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