First Things First

We did it together.

I think that simple statement was an extremely important part of our success.

We have been married for 23 years. Our wedding pictures are proof that we had this struggle with having a healthy weight from the very beginning. For 18 of those years we had been trying, struggling, wrestling with our weight. Then three years ago we finally had a breakthrough and we did it! We lost the weight!!

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What was the difference? What was different between all those failed attempts of the first 18 years and our success in the last two? I believe it was that simple fact stated at the beginning. We did it together.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, we tried to support each other in our various attempts throughout the years. But we were never really on the same page at the same time. Aaron would decide exercise was the answer and commit himself to two hours of exercise in the early morning hours every day (but I was staying home to care for three small children who didn’t always sleep on schedule and so committing to early mornings, or any scheduled two-hour period for that matter, was not very practical). I might have read an article that expounded on the evils of carbohydrates and so started to avoid those foods at all costs (but Aaron hadn’t read the same article and really wasn’t ready to give up pasta for the foreseeable future and so did not get on board with this plan).

And so, it continued…

Until… we tried to do it together. We adopted the same plan. At the same time. In the same place. And – we gave each other permission.

Permission for what? Permission to ask each other the hard questions. Permission to hold each other accountable. Permission to encourage. Permission to share.

So that’s how we did it. Together.

Of course, there’s more to it than just that. But it’s always better to cover first things first.


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Happy Anniversary!


Thank you, Janice, for the last 22 years. There have been joys and tears and surprises, both wonderful and terrible. Through it all, you have been there for me. You are wonderful and I am so blessed to have you as my wife. Looking forward to continue the adventure in the years to come!

Plan B

Ok, Thanksgiving may have not gone according to plan.

How you react when things don’t go according to plan is just as important as having a plan. Here’s the approach Janice and I have developed over the last couple years after a bad day: Start over.

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You have the same goals you had the day before. Keep your focus. Choose to do better.

A bad day is not an excuse to give up and go back to the bad and unhealthy habits that got you where you are. That’s how I got to be 350 pounds.

You are not going to reach your goal in one day. But each day take the next step to reaching your goal. Some days the strides you take toward your goal will be larger than others. Some days you might take a detour. Each day you need to get back at it. No matter what happened the day before. Know where you’re going and get back on track.

If you keep going, you’ll reach your destination. Don’t stop where you are and keep going forward. It’s a new day, live like it.


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Thanksgiving Plans

Big holidays like Thanksgiving are built around big feasts. When trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s hard to stay on track. One method we found that works for us is to have a plan of what we are going to eat and how much.
For Blog_food-salad-healthy-vegetables
Even if we go off the plan, thinking about how to approach meals during a holiday feast helps us stay under control.

If we don’t happen to stick to the plan. We’ll start again on Friday. We won’t let one off day derail us from going after the goal.



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The Motivation to Begin

This is how we got started on our journey to a healthy lifestyle and living it every day.

This is what we looked like in December 2014.

AJ Before Compisite 2 USE This One

This is what we look like now.


It has taken time, work and a lot of patience, but we made our weight goals.

Now, we are working just as hard to stay here.

It’s our Motivation 2 Maintain.

Janice has lost 30 pounds over the course of our new lifestyle and I have lost 140. But, we are not resting on what we have done, like we are finished. We’ve been here before. Losing weight and putting it back on.

This time it’s different. Like I mentioned earlier, a healthy weight is not just a goal to achieve but a lifestyle to live out every day.

It’s the reason for this blog. We’re trying out new recipes and trying new tips to nurture this healthier lifestyle and we’re sharing our experience to help others and help us stay on track.


There are distractions all along the way and there are reasons to stop short, but if you keep your focus, you can get where you’re going.


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